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9 Foods That Beautify!

Hey guys. It’s Matt, and today I want to share some of my favorite "beauty foods" with you.

To look hot, you can hit the gym, wear cute clothes or try new beauty tricks. But aside from those, eating the right foods can really give you that extra boost to quickly look and feel amazing.

Here are 9 of my favorite "beauty foods" that I highly recommend you try adding to your diet to improve your health, as well as the way you look and feel about yourself!

Try them out and let me know what you think.


Greek Yogurt

Dieticians swear by Greek yogurt. It’s packed with protein that fills you up, and it tastes great. But it also contains a lot of amino acids, which are good for getting rid of dark circles under your eyes, according to author and beauty expert Narine Nikogosian (Return to Beauty: Old-World Recipes for Great Radiant Skin). Planning on having a late night? Have a Greek yogurt for breakfast the day before to ward off any dark circles that might try to creep up the next day.


Kidney Beans

They don’t just taste yummy as a side dish. Kidney beans and many other legumes are packed with ingredients like protein, iron, zinc and biotin, which give you longer, stronger hair. In fact, having a biotin deficiency can leave you with dry, brittle locks. So it’s especially important to stock up on beans for a gorgeous ‘do. Mix some kidney beans into your salad or toss them with a little olive oil and salt for a delicious snack.



Keep this in mind the next time you head for the food table at a cocktail party: Celery gives you good breath. According to Wider, it’s so effective because the veggie forces you to chew a little more than you would if you were eating, say, a carrot or cucumber. And the more you chew, the more saliva you produce, which kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath. So, if you’re planning to go talk to a hottie you’ve been eyeballing all night, nosh on a celery stick before sauntering over.



We’ve all heard celebrities swear that their beauty secret is drinking lot of water, and honestly, I thought it kind of sounded like BS. Yet according to author and fellow nutritionist Keri Glassman (Slim Calm Sexy Diet: 365 Proven Food Strategies for Mind/Body Bliss), water is definitely crucial to looking good. When you’re hydrated, your metabolism functions at its best, keeping you looking trim and toned. Shoot for eight glasses per day. Need more flavor? Add in a lemon wedge.



They don’t just crank up your sex drive by their high zinc content. Zinc can also control excess oil production, according to Wider. When your body regulates how much oil it churns out, you’re less prone to acne. And when your skin is clear, it’s easier to feel confident in and outside the bedroom.



Planning a hot night in with your guy? Snack on some broccoli the day before. This green veggie is loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C, which helps improve your blood circulation. Once your blood gets pumping, it stimulates your sex drive so you can have a very fun night. Can’t stand the green stuff? Strawberries are also packed with vitamin C.


Red Bell Peppers

These pretty peppers are a superfood for your skin, as they have crazy-high antioxidant levels. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who eat more of the antioxidant vitamin C (found in bell peppers) have the best-looking skin. Take a few slices with you to work. They make a delicious mid-afternoon snack.



You likely already know that sitting in the sun is bad for your skin, but you’re also exposed to damaging UV rays just by walking around outside—even when it’s cold. Along with sunscreen, carrots are a great way to protect your skin from the sun, according to nutritionist Keri Glassman. They contain carotenoids, which reduce your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays and also decrease redness. So you can get a gorgeous glow from the inside out.



This tasty fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight stress and put you in a good mood, says Glassman. Our bodies can’t make omega-3s on their own. So it’s crucial that we get these mood-boosters from foods like canola oil and omega-3-fortified eggs, because when you feel good, you radiate sexiness.

Wishing you good health through wise nutrition, matt

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2 Little-Known “Simple Secrets” to Achieving
Thick Hair, Strong Nails and Beautiful Skin.

Hey there. I’m Jennifer, Senior Researcher here at Optimal Health, and I agree with you. Brittle nails, thin fragile hair and unhealthy-looking skin are bad enough on their own. But when they combine to make you look older than your age (both to yourself and others)... well, that can feel horribleespecially when you’ve tried to turn it all around and nothing’s worked!

So I’m really excited that you’ve stopped by today, because I’d like to clear up a big misconception about beauty—and show you that beautiful hair, stronger nails and radiant skin can easily be yours again.

Most people believe that having gorgeous hair, nails and skin is purely a result of genetics (“she must be descended from fashion models”) or lifestyle choices (“she must never go out in the sun”), but here’s the truth:

While genetics and lifestyle influence the look and quality of your hair, skin and nails on a general level, the root causes of your struggle against lifeless skin, thinning hair and brittle nails on a day-to-day basis come down to 2 little-known factors that your dermatologist or cosmetologist might not even know about:

  1. You must maintain healthy keratin levels
  2. You must maintain a healthy balance of essential nutrients in your body

Seems almost shockingly simple, doesn't it? Well here’s something even more shocking! In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how a natural ingredient has been shown to effectively STOP these factors dead in their tracks—and even REVERSE their effects—so your hair becomes fuller and shinier, your nails become stronger and your skin once again glows.

But before I get to that, let’s take a closer look at the 2 factors and what must happen to stop hair loss, brittle nails and bad skin:

#1 - You Must Maintain Healthy Keratin Levels

Keratin is the protein that makes up the outer layer of human skin, as well as the key structural component of hair and nails. Along with proteins collagen and elastin, keratin gives skin, nails and hair their strength and resilience, and draws nutrients from the underlying tissue called the dermis.

If the dermis lacks nutrients, keratin levels drop and the outward signs of aging begin. Hair and nails become brittle, and skin turns blotchy and dull. So it would seem to be a simple enough matter of just eating the right nutritional foods—but that’s where the next part comes in.

#2 - You Must Maintain a Healthy Balance of Essential Nutrients in Your Body

When it comes to maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in the body, most people believe that just eating a “balanced diet” is all that’s needed for overall health and vitality, including radiant skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.

But here's the thing.

While our bodies are designed to extract and absorb nutrients when they’re delivered in a natural state through fruits, vegetables and protein, few of us have the time—and budget—to consistently shop for good-quality, nutritionally rich foods and prepare them every day unfailingly in the right combinations that support a “balanced diet.”

Think about what you ate last week. Was it organic and nutrient-rich? Was it full of whole grains and foods rich in fatty acids? Did you eat enough protein? Did you eat enough veggies and fruit? Do you know whether you had enough of one vitamin or another? Did someone at the office have a birthday and insist you have a piece of cake—and blow the whole balance?

Now, think about your schedule. Did you make enough time last week to prepare every meal yourself so you knew exactly what was going into each one? Did you grab takeout or a microwave meal and just trust it would be as healthy as advertised? Did you miss your alarm and grab a donut while rushing to work?

Add in the everyday toxins of our environment, food additives, preservatives and health-affecting physiological factors like stress and the idea of the “balanced diet” tends to be exactly that. It’s a great idea. It’s even achievable once in a while, but the larger reality on a daily basis is that most of us are vitamin-deficient nearly all the time…

…and we won’t know that our bodies are vitamin-deficient until we start to see outward signs.

Our bodies are incredible survival machines and will do anything and everything to live longer. That’s our biological prime directive, meaning your body doesn’t care whether you have luxurious hair, radiant skin or great nails. When nutrients are low, your body will take the nutrients needed to enrich the dermis and use them for vital functions like your heart health, digestive tract and nervous system...

...and your hair, nails and skin pay the price!

Your skin becomes dull and blotchy. Your hair becomes brittle and lifeless, and begins to fall out, and your nails break. Over time, nutrient deficiency becomes a roller coaster, and deeper issues set in.

Your energy drops. You feel depressed and anxious. You begin to approach the mirror with dread, and you feel awkward, self-conscious and embarrassed in social situations. It all keeps snowballing, year after year, until your overall health begins to break down...

…and you find yourself realizing the big ugly problem:

It’s always going to be an imperfect, uphill struggle to live a nutritionally perfect life, and unless you can “short-circuit” your body’s “survival programming,” your body will continue to rob itself of nutrients and you’ll never have the hair, skin and nails that you want and deserve.

So what if you COULD stop this process?

What if you could maintain the right level of the right vitamin to counteract nutritional imbalance and maintain healthy keratin proteins to turn back the clock on your skin, hair and nails?

If you could do that, you could essentially keep your body in a more vitamin-sufficient state—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can you just imagine how much more beautiful you’d look—and feel—if nutritional deficiency was no longer robbing you of thick hair, strong nails and radiant skin?

Well, there is a way to fix this vitamin deficiency, promote lustrous hair, grow stronger nails and return to glowing, youthful skin.

The solution works on a deep, cellular level, but it also works on the surface. So the results are immediately visible—and long-term.


Great—because this is only just the beginning!

The solution you’re about to discover only takes one minute or less to implement. So there’s absolutely NO REASON why you have to be a victim of a vitamin deficiency that so many needlessly suffer through.

Introducing the “Beauty Nutrient”... Biotin

Part of the B complex group of vitamins, Biotin has been proven to improve the beauty, strength and vitality of your hair, skin and nails by delivering beauty-specific nutrients that rid your body of the vitamin deficiencies that damage your appearance.

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research on Biotin deficiency, published by the Albon Skin Institute Research Center along with the University of California, demonstrated the significant effect Biotin can have regarding hair loss and skin health when compared to a placebo group.

These results were pooled together with results from a separate study showing that Biotin also had a great impact as treatment for diabetes, and all findings were published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Specifically, after 90 days of supplementing with Biotin twice per day, test subjects in the Biotin group significantly increased hair growth by 65% on average, compared to the placebo group. They also noted overall hair volume, scalp coverage and thickness of hair.

These results demonstrated significant reduction of hair loss and improved hair growth, as well as an increase in hair quality in just 90 days.

After 180 days, participants reported additional growth along with hair shine, skin moisture retention and skin smoothness.

These results were not accomplished by every brand of the supplement, but rather only when a quality-source Biotin supplement was taken.

The Secrets Behind the Power of Biotin...

The effects of Biotin work via two separate pathways:

  • First, Biotin builds healthy proteins in the body by metabolizing carbohydrates, amino acids and fats.
  • Second, by helping build healthy keratin proteins, Biotin continually builds and supports lustrous hair, youthful skin and stronger nails.

And here’s where the “feel better” bonus part comes in. Because Biotin plays a critical role in helping your body metabolize food faster, you also feel more energized and energetic, and you exude that youthful glow again.

Now, think about this ingredient in light of the 2 factors mentioned earlier.

By naturally boosting vitamin levels and metabolism for healthy keratin proteins, you’re unlikely to continue seeing handfuls of hair in the shower drain. Broken and brittle nails will be things of the past, and so will blotchy, dull skin.

You’ll continue to look better and feel better day after day, and the whole transformation happens amazingly fast!

Now, you could go out and do your own research to find a top-quality provider of Biotin supplements. You could spend your money and time purchasing supplements from various suppliers. You could sort through stacks of studies to determine the most effective dose and to ensure that the other supplements deliver the optimal levels as per the studies. You can spend weeks or months and hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars doing all that — all of which wastes time, energy & money and delays your progress!


Here’s the good news:

Optimal Health Products has already done ALL the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

Optimal Health's 100% all-natural Biotin formulation uses only the very best ingredients in a 100% vegetarian capsule at the recommended therapeutic dose.

We maximize its effectiveness by using only top-quality Biotin without any fillers, additives or animal bi-products. This ensures you get the same results as those achieved in the clinical studies.

Just take it once a day. Then let this incredible vitamin work its beauty magic!

Deciding to take Biotin is a simple decision, but don’t just take our word for it. Take it for a test drive and judge it for yourself!

We’re offering a special 3-Bottle Discount (while supplies last).

How certain are we that Optimal Health Biotin will deliver everything it promises—and more?

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To sweeten the offer, you’ll also receive our powerful FREE e-book—4 Ways Diets Cause Vitamin Deficiency—which will also show you how you can literally eat your way to a more beautiful and healthy you.

This e-book is normally a $29.95 value—but you get it for FREE today, along with your first order!

Once you start to experience the rare power of this wonder vitamin to fight back against hair loss, brittle nails and aging skin, you’ll be thankful you gave it a try.

So what are you waiting for?

To finally see and experience how unbelievably easy it can be to defeat vitamin deficiency and repair the damage to your hair, nails and skin, choose the appropriate savings with the link below...

... and then, of course, be sure to take a picture today—because you’ll absolutely want to document your dramatic before-and-after results.

==> Order Biotin today and get 4 Ways Diets Cause Vitamin DeficiencyFREE

...and remember to Eat Healthy, but when you can’t—Supplement!


Senior Researcher, Optimal Health Products


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